Sunday Bible Studies

At Salmon Valley Baptist Church, we have a variety of Sunday School Classes for you to get plugged into so that you can learn more about God and His Word. Below is a list of a few of the classes we offer. We highly encourage you to get connected with one of these classes so you can grow alongside believers.

Adults Class with Dennis Lile

Meets: Old Library Room on the 1st Floor

Studying: The Bible verse by verse, currently residing in Proverbs, where the class has been studying for the last year.

Features: Takes the Bible in depth, verse by verse.

Adults with Ernie and Patti Schneider

Meets: They classroom in the foyer entrance between the bathrooms

Studying: Book of Proverbs

Features: A small group of eclectic people who enjoy fellowship with one another while studying the Word of God. Studies verse by verse and along with video material from prominent Bible teachers.

Kids with Whitney Sapp and Heather Yeazle

Meets: Upstairs

Studying: Gospel Project for Kids (4 years old through 5th grade), three-year curriculum through the Bible

Features: Great classes for all age kids, playing games, crafts, and good discussions that point kids to Christ and helps them apply God’s Word to their lives.

Men Only – 40 years old +

Meets: Left Hand Class behind the Sanctuary

Studying: Gospel Project – Into the Promised Land

Features: Looking for more guys to join in this study as they open God’s Word to learn from Him.

All Men with Joe Harmon

Meets: Fellowship Hall

Studying: An open discussion in God’s Word looking at the promises all through His Word and having a personal relationship with Him in which they mature.

Middle School- High School Students with Trey Sapp

Meets: Upstairs

Studying: Seven concepts through the next year. Looking at things such as authentic faith, spiritual disciplines, moral boundaries, meaningful friendships, wise choices, and so on.

Features: This is a place to have a fun discussion and a safe place to ask questions and learn.

For more information, please contact the church office (208) 756-3324