Sunday Bible Studies

Kid’s Sunday School!

Bring your kids to join in the fun! Sundays at 9:30 AM, upstairs. Every Sunday we have games, snack, and a fun Bible story. Small prize for kiddos that bring a visitor or their Bible! There is a small prize for those who memorize their verse, and they can quote it to me anytime over the next few weeks!

If your child is in 4th or 5th grade we have begun having a few minutes at the end of each class discussing Scripture that they can study each week in their own personal “quiet time.” At this age, it doesn’t have to be long or too in depth. It’s just a matter of starting the habit at an early age! If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call Whitney Sapp or shoot her a quick email.

(208)742-1146 or [email protected]

Middle School

Each Sunday at 9:30 AM, upstairs, any 6th-8th graders are welcome to join Sara Kirby as they walk through Scripture and discover more and more about God!

High School

Older students are welcome to join in bible study classes each Sunday, upstairs, at 9:30 AM as James and Shari Jensen lead the discussion and discovery of truths throughout Scripture.


We have a variety of adult Bible studies happening on Sundays:

  • Our newest class is for those who need a time and space that is baby friendly. Please don’t hesitate to bring your little ones and sit down with other young adults to study Philippians with Associate Pastor, Trey Sapp. Located in the nursery area at 9:30am.
  • There are two co-ed classes, taught by Dennis Lile and Frank Unrein.
  • Men’s group, led by Zed Stone.
  • Two women’s classes, taught by Evalyn Bennett and Sandy Templeton and the other led by Kathryn Earl.
  • Starting Point class (co-ed, all ages welcome) led by Ernie and Patti Schneider.

Please contact the church office for more details!