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Seasons of Faith Podcast – Finding Faith in Festivity

A four week Christmas themed advent from Salmon Valley Baptist Church will feature guest hosts leading you through a study on hope, faith, joy, and love.

🌟“Seasons of Faith: Following Christ in Festivity”🌟

Join the faith-filled conversations of “Seasons of Faith: Following Christ in Festivity” a podcast built to celebrate and prepare for the season. A Salmon Valley Baptist Church production, this podcast will be hosted by Pastor Mike Palmer and an array of special guests who will take you on a journey through the seasons, exploring ways to weave your faith into the fabric of seasonal festivity.

🎙️Meet the Host 🎙️

Mike Palmer

A seasoned storyteller and pastor, Mike brings a wealth of experience and passion for faith to the airwaves. His insightful reflections serve as a guiding light, illuminating the significance of every festive moment.

🎉 Special Guests

Joining Pastor Mike on this journey are various special guests, each bringing their unique perspectives and insights into the spiritual dimensions of holidays, events, and celebrations. From Christmas to Easter, Fourth of July to Thanksgiving, “Seasons of Faith” features engaging conversations that inspire and challenge listeners to grow their faith. 

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“On a Morning Like This” 

Mike Harris, Lisa Harris, Joshua Harris, Sarah Harris, Brianna Harris

Trinity River Band

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