Prayer Drive

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be praying for our neighbors right here in the Salmon community. In light of that, we want to introduce you to a new and exciting way to get out into the community and pray! Below, you will find a Prayer Drive Scavenger Hunt and a Prayer Guide.

Yes, it is exactly like it sounds: print both of these documents, hop in your car, drive around town, and pray for key groups of people within our community! 

The scavenger hunt will lead you to 10 different locations. Stop and pray at each one, referring to the guide for specific prayer points. Once you have finished praying at a location, put a check in the circle and drive to the next location (you don’t necessarily need to go in order). Continue the scavenger hunt until you have visited and prayed for each location.
We convinced that the Lord wants to do great things in our community! Join us in lifting our neighbors to the Lord in prayer and asking Him how He would like to use us during this time.

Easter Sunday is Coming

April 12th, 2020 – Easter Sunday

During this time of uncertainty, we would like to let people know that we will be meeting to celebrate our risen Savior Easter Sunday. We are not, however, going to be meeting as we normally would on any given Easter Sunday. We will be meeting online in our new “normal-for-now” setting.

We will be live on YouTube with our service. You will see some familiar faces, such as Pastor Mike and Pastor Trey. Mary Laura will be leading worship, and we will celebrate and worship together as the body of Christ, with a few more faces you might or might not recognize.

Sunday is coming. We are excited to worship with you.

Awana is back!

Awana is back! We’re partnering with Calvary Chapel to bring a curriculum that engages kids in learning about the Bible.

The Awana program is open to young children up through high school.

Awana meets every Thursday night at Calvary Chapel on 520 Main Street from 6:00-7:30 p.m. There is a $10 book fee for those who participate.

To register your kids, please click this link or call (208) 756-3324